Creating art and illustrations for different projects. Visit my portfolio to see samples of my work.  

My vision is to be a sweet fragrance unto my Lord Jesus Christ!

There is a beautiful gift shop not too far from us. I will never forget my first experience going there. When you walk around there, you are surrounded with beautiful Christian music. There is an amazing atmosphere! Even when you go into the bathroom you are surrounded by beautiful music, fragrances and scriptures everywhere. I immediately knew this is what I want to do with my art .

I want to use my time and talent to create beautiful inspiring art to the glory of God. When I want to buy someone a gift to say thank you or I love you, I would want that gift to be made by someone who had the mind of Christ and used their talents in a way that glorifies God. It will make the item that I buy so much more valuable ! I want to be a sweet fragrance unto Jesus everywhere me or my art will be. 

On my blog I write about my art,  my life and my love for Jesus and His Word. I pray that it will inspire and encourage you today!


Thank you for visiting A Sweet Fragrance.  If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me.


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